"Mechanics-online.com is a brilliant resource for mechanics. I love the videos." Mrs Jenny Jannaway. Cottesloe, School Bucks.

"I just wanted to let you know how useful I have found Mechanics-online! The videos and interactive pages are really clear, and are made in a way that really enables you to understand I now have a good grasp of the subject, whereas before using the textbook just confused me.
. . . I will definitely mention it to my teacher." Emma Livingstone, A-level Maths Student (Home User UK)

"The demonstrations are great and have really helped the students to grasp a concept visually." Tanya Scott. Poole High School

"The best teaching gave a strong sense of the coherence of mathematical ideas; it focused on understanding mathematical concepts and developed critical thinking and reasoning. Careful questioning identified misconceptions and helped to resolve them, and positive use was made of incorrect answers to develop understanding and to encourage students to contribute. Students were challenged to think for themselves, encouraged to discuss problems and to work collaboratively. Effective use was made of information and communication technology (ICT). In contrast, teaching which presented mathematics as a collection of arbitrary rules and provided a narrow range of learning activities did not motivate students and limited their achievement. Focusing heavily on examination questions enabled students to pass examinations, but did not necessarily enable them to apply their knowledge independently in different contexts."

OFSTED Special Report on teaching Mechanics.